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Working Together

Overwhelmed by all of the "Little Stuff" of Setting up Your Business?

When you dreamt of opening your flower shop, struggling with your website product listings and keeping up with monthly newsletters probably weren't the first things on your mind.  If I had to guess, it was your passion for flowers, the joy on someone's face when they receive an unexpected delivery, and the artistry in making arrangements.  Well, I'm here to help you with those 'other' things of running your business.  Not sure what they all are? Check out the services page. 


As I'm sure you already picked up on, I take a different approach to websites, branding, and business development than most.  I want to get to know your business and your aspirations, and I love working with individuals and small teams, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.  One of my greatest pleasures is working with someone who walked into my office with a dream and walk out with a viable, profitable business they love.

And if there's one thing that I've learned, it's better to be up front in a new relationship to make sure we jive.

How it Works Best

If we work together, you'll hear me say "ideal client" a lot.  I mean, all the time. If you're open to it, I'll probably ask if you want to do a worksheet in which you help to pinpoint your ideal client, everything down to her name, age, job, what three things she's googled most recently and which magazine she picks up when waiting in line at the grocery.   It's an exercise in which we find your one person that we write all of the marketing material for, so when she comes to your website and reads about your business, she'll know that she's in the right place.

I've done that worksheet myself and I know exactly who I'm looking for.  Is it you? Maybe.  Let's find out!

I love working with driven, badass people.  Often times, they come to me when they transitioning to their second (or third+) career, finally taking the plunge to make a go of a business they've thought about for years.  They're smart, capable, respectful and responsive.  They don't want to waste my time, nor I theirs.  When we first talk, I discover they're looking for more of a partner to help express and bring their dream to life. 

If that's not you, no worries.  I appreciate you stopping by and am happy to point you in the right direction if you want to reach out with any questions.

If that is you, please get it touch.

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