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Lightbulb Love Letters

Website & Business Development Projects

Featured Work & Really Kind Words from Incredible Clients

Check out some of these phenomenal people!  There's a wide range of folks, from attorneys turned flower farmers, realtors that started their own brokerages, a retired Coast Guard officer that authored her own mystery series, and more.  People following their dream of having their own guide service and others that were called to start a non-profit.

They're amazing and I'm honored to work with them.  And even more honored that some of they had some nice things to say.  

Kristie has provided valuable insights for marketing and sales for our company.  She was able to showcase our work involving repair and new construction in the marine industry through a beautiful new website with writing and editing.    

Most valuable to our company was the detail that went in to taking the project from idea to completion as if it were her own!    She's also provided business solutions for our company, delivering high quality services at very competitive rates.    A very pleased customer!

- Chris Kennedy

  Thomas Tank Barge, Inc.

Client Projects

A few pieces of featured work from some incredible small businesses that I've been honored to work with.

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