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I'm here if you have some questions or want to stop by for a cup of coffee.  Feel free to reach out by phone, email or via social media channels.

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724 Dunbar Ave
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi


Thanks for stopping by!  
I'm really glad you're here.


Five years ago, a dear friend asked me what my passion was.  With that simple question and many hours of contemplation, I'm glad to say that I'm now living it- assisting others pursue their passion. 

So nice to meet you!

How did I get here?

I'm asked that a lot! Born in Ohio and nine states and nineteen moves later, I've landed in a sweet artsy beach town called Bay St Louis, Mississippi.  


After growing up in the Midwest, I was ready for a change. Always ready for a little adventure, I packed my bags for Colorado State University where I received my bachelors in Natural Resource Management.   Then it was interning and working for several land trusts on the Western Slope of Colorado and California doing non-profit private land conservation. 

Life brought me to Japan where I spent three incredible years living abroad.  It was a dream to be teaching English privately, in the public schools, and with Nozomi Kai, a Japanese seniors' group that essentially adopted me.


The next chapter, I was back state-side where for nine years I was with a startup that developed into an international maritime software company.  It was time to take my experiences and share what I've learned.


And now?

Now I'm doing what I love.  Drawing from my Master's in Human Relations and familiarity with a wide-range of industries, geographic regions, and people, I'm fortunate to have a big bag of tools and a unique blend of skills to draw from in order to assist with developing your small business.  


I approach my work with dedication and infectious enthusiasm and operate with the understanding that the relationship with my clients is the key to our mutual success.  


When I'm not at the office, you can find me on the beach with our dog, Hemingway (Hemi passed, so now I just think about him while at the beach; check out the adoptables page the bloom sponsors in his honor), doing yoga, paddleboarding, and spending some QT with my boyfriend.  I love cooking, gardening (hence the name) and am a new chicken mama! 

Snapshots of a joyful life