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Seven years ago, a dear friend asked me what my passion was.  With that simple question and many hours of contemplation, I'm glad to say that I'm now living it — assisting others pursue their passion. 

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How did I get here?

I'm asked that a lot! Born in Ohio and nine states and nineteen moves later, I've landed in a sweet artsy beach town called Bay St Louis, Mississippi.  


After growing up in the Midwest, I was ready for a change. Always ready for a little adventure, I packed my bags for Colorado State University where I received my bachelors in Natural Resource Management.   Then it was interning and working for several land trusts on the Western Slope of Colorado and California doing non-profit private land conservation. 

Life brought me to Japan where I spent three incredible years living abroad.  It was a dream to be teaching English privately, in the public schools, and with Nozomi Kai, a Japanese seniors' group that essentially adopted me.


The next chapter, I was back state-side where for nine years I was with a startup that developed into an international maritime software company.  It was time to take my experiences and share what I've learned.


And now?

Now I'm doing what I love.  Drawing from my Master's in Human Relations and familiarity with a wide-range of industries, geographic regions, and people, I'm fortunate to have a big bag of tools and a unique blend of skills to draw from in order to assist with developing your small business.  


I approach my work with dedication and infectious enthusiasm and operate with the understanding that the relationship with my clients is the key to our mutual success.